Say Goodbye To Email Overload With InboxMind

December 11th, 2014  |  By Adelush Șandru

InboxMind is the latest email organizing application and it’s core aim is making everything easier. It often happens that your inbox gets filled with an overwhelming amount of emails in a very short time and that requires more of your time for organizing, getting rid of all the material that is of no interest to you while making sure you don’t miss any deadlines. We’ve all been there.

This app works based on your everyday behaviour, analyzing and learning from your email history, calendar inputs, keywords etc. Its predictive workflow will have your email prioritized and ready for you to efficiently skim through it, or even better to listen to it. Yes,listen. The INBOXRADIO feature can play alerts or a summary of your organized email which is great to use when your hands are busy driving or multitasking.


This iOS app has a user friendly interface,saves you time and helps increase your productivity. A big plus for it is also the fact that it is compatible with Microsoft Exchange,, MSN, Live, Hotmail and Office 365.

InboxMind is expected to become available in the App Store on January 31,2015 for $2.99.

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