App_store_logoNowadays, nearly everybody has several mobile devices. Accessing all files across multiple devices is becoming a problem. I went to Greece last year, but none of my friends have ever seen my impressive pictures I took there – all these photos are stored in my PC, which I stopped using last September. If you share the same experience as me, I have good news for you. I just found a new app called Younity, which provides you with access to your files across multiple devices.

Younity creates a “personal cloud” for the files shared on all of your various devices to let you access them anytime, anywhere. If you want complete access to the files that you have on your computer, you don’t need to move files around. Just get the Younity app to gain access when you have a WiFi connection.

Unlike the cl1oud storage solutions like Dropbox or iCloud, this free platform skips the messy aspects of cloud backup and instead focuses on device unification. Younity ensures that every file across all of your devices, including music, photos, videos, documents, and the like, is available for streaming or download while on the go, via Windows, Mac OS and iOS device.

It doesn’t matter if you own a Mac or a PC or both, Younity will connect your iOS device to your computer, giving you access to all your files even when you don’t have your computer with you!

Sounds attractive, right? To use Younity, the first thing you need to do is go to the Younity website to download the software to your Mac and/or PC and download the app to your iOS devices. After installing the laptop/desktop software, you can take the next step to register for an account. It will then scan for all the files on your computer. You can then login with the Younity account you registered for earlier on your mobile devices. Once logged in, you can see all the files you have given Younity access to.

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My favorite feature about Younity is that it neatly organizes your files for easy viewing. It organizes your photos too. What’s more, it will also sort music files by artist name, album title, song title, and even detect playlists that you have created on iTunes or other media players.

So what if you don’t have Internet connection? You can simply pre-download the files you need! There is a black downloaded icon next to the files that you’ve made available offline.

Of course, Younity doesn’t solve all of the issues associated with multiple devices. Since it’s not a backup storage, you might still be well advised to backup your data in at least two different physical locations. In addition, if you suddenly need to access some files you haven’t pre-download before, you have to turn on the Internet connection, which may run out your data package.

Though it has some disadvantages, Younity is still a very powerful and helpful app. Right now, Younity is entirely free, making it more attractive. Download it from the iOS App Store and try it. You’ll find your life in this digital modern age much easier.