yentleAs Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be looking left and right to find the perfect date for the magical day of love celebration. Yentle, a new lifestyle app, is your cupid this year.

Yentle allows you to find out whether the person you have been secretly crushing on likes you back or not. Unlike Tinder or other matchmaking apps, you are not on Yentle to scroll and swipe through a collection of users. With Yentle, you can create a unique code for yourself via the app (for a fee) or on (for free). Instead of having your name and profile presented publicly, you are to write your Yentle Code on a Valentine’s Card or a Note and get it into the hands of who you admire. From there that person can input your (secret) code on the app or online and select if it’s a match or that they are not interested. It’s a more personal yet anonymous way to express and show love to your secret crush. It’s totally secretive!

3_sshots_1454189672Yentle, taking a more personal approach towards dating, is perfect for those who secretly have a crush on someone they know. The new app requires an email and phone number. If your email addresses or phone numbers match, Yentle will get in touch with both sides. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your new date being a total stranger or a catfish. It’s a perfect way to break it to your secret crush. Not only does Yentle keep everything on the down low but also only uses your information when both parties match and get notified. It is the perfect and safe way to let your crush know someone secretly admires him or her.

Yentle is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Create your very own Yentle Code now. Let Yentle be your cupid this Valentine’s Day.