Find your next partner in College with Unimash

icon_1442515902There are a tons and tons of dating apps out there, each trying to separate themselves from each other. Other than the most famous Tinder, many other major competitors are fighting to be the most popular one out there. Recently, Flirt & Hookup has been taking away tons and tons of downloads on the App Store. Many variations to Tinder had been created to target a more niche market, Hinge is another dating app that matches couple based on their mutual friends, hoping to cut out the awkwardness and fear of meeting completely random people. There are also many dating sites that specializes in specialize in specific demographics of people. Among those a few dating apps for fellow Christians out there, and there is Jswipe for those who are looking for a Jewish partner. And now, we have Unimash, targeted specifically to those in college.


If you are a fellow college student or a recent college grad, this app is your perfect version of Tinder. There are tons of creeps who are much older than us or kids who are super young on Tinder. Unimash automatically filters that out because you actually need a College email address to start an account. Not to mention it also automatically filters bots from the dating sites and other random people who might or might not try to stalk you.

unimash-app-for-iphone__1442854884Isn’t it quite a relief to know that everyone you swipe past is also a fellow student currently in college. It really helps you filter your list of people down to a very healthy demographic. Also, we all know that we college boys and girls are at the right age and right stage in life to be meeting new partners. We are busy with school but always down for fun, we are free to meet partners without any restrictions from parents. How great is that! This app helps you reach out to someone of similar background and demographic. For all you college students, this is a must-have! Let us know what you think about this new app by commenting below.