e6b7580d83ad578d9114f12536ad57c3Why download two new game apps when you can just download one and receive two games? Pins and Needles features two interesting puzzle games: the Pins and the  Needles. Both are spinning circle games that require quick reflexes and logic skills.


At first I thought Pins was easy and mindless. Gradually I noticed it was getting harder (and that I wasn’t as good I as I originally believed).You have to carefully drop pins on a rotating wheel, without letting any pins touch each other. The wheel that you drop the pins on begins changing speed. Sometimes it even starts going in reverse!

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The rules of Needles are simple as well. All you have to do is drop the balls on to the needles that are already on the rotating wheel. Needles also gets more difficult as you continue playing and finish levels. Even if you are able to master both Pins and Needles, don’t get too comfortable with your skill level because new levels are always being added to the games.

After playing many complicated games where you have to constantly look back at the rules, it is refreshing to see and play Pins and Needles, which are both simple to learn and play.  I do like the black and white color scheme, which adds to the modern feel. That being said, they are not the most exciting games. But if you are in need of some instant, free entertainment, perhaps while waiting for your food to finish cooking, then Pins and Needles will be a good option for you.


Download Pins and Needles from the iTunes Store today and let me know if you can get through all of the levels!