PreApps is announcing the Top 5 Addicting Gaming Apps for Summer 2015 , guaranteed to keep you entertained. These five apps are PreApps’ picks of the week, and will make it difficult for everyone to put their phones down.

1. Dino Invasion

The dinosaurs in Dinofour, are here to stay in this retro-styled puzzle app. Embark on  a journey with four little dinos to collect their lost eggs. With over 70 levels, there are plenty of challenges to explore with 4 new friends that will keep you occupied for the summer. Dinofour is available now only in the App Store.


2. Zombie Apocalypse 

The dead come back to life and it’s your destiny to take control of the Dead Among Us. With gold medalist archery skills and a hazardous zombie virus spreading around, the city needs a defender of mankind- while it still exist. Face off the onslaught of Zombies today, Dead Among Us is available for both Apple and Android users.


3. Intergalactic realms

With unique game play by being able to morph between different states, GASOLIQ, commands all attention in the colorful and exoitic syfy world. Survive the harsh conditions of the intergalactic realm, and defeat the enemies ahead. Travel through GASOLIQ on your IPhone today, beta test it here. GASOLIQ is expected to be released on July 23, 2015.


4. Kung Fu Panda

Train to become the best and fulfill the duties Master Panda was bestowed upon. Be quick, come prepared and stay focused throughout training for near impossible challenges. Become addicted in Master Panda, run fast and dodge faster in the bamboo forest. Master Panda will launch on August 6, 2015.

master panda

5. Maze Crazy

Escape the countless and dangerous mazes from around the world in Mazecraft. Bring your creative mind to life by constructing the most difficult of all mazes and share them with the world. Challenge your friends and see who claims time Mazecraft title. Get ready, Mazecraft is planning to be released on August 30, 2015.