11134216_442413875919169_1006195497_nI find it saddening and frightening whenever I get the notification from my iPhone that it is on 20% then on 10% because anywhere between those two numbers my iPhone usually dies. I do not know about you but my iPhone as the inability to correctly estimate when the battery will die. So here are a few tips and tricks to saving battery life on your iPhone.


First off whenever you are roaming the streets of a city, driving, or flying- your iPhone is looking for wifi. The first thing you should do is turn of your wifi whenever you leave work or your house. This will save you a few hours of battery every time you do it.


Another step is to turn your brightness down to the minimal you can possibly do without having trouble reading or seeing the phone. I find it very easy to see my phone so it is very easy to do this at night. The next step is to make sure your bluetooth is turned off. Slide your phone with your thumb from the bottom to the top of the screen and your quick menu will appear like below. If the icons are highlighted white then they are turned on. Simply click them to turn them off and save battery.


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Do not forget to stop running your apps too.Those are just a few of the many tips and tricks to saving battery life on your iPhone. Below is a perfect way to save the most battery on the go. 11134376_442413902585833_937573237_n



This is the solution to bad battery life of your phone so now you can survive just a little bit longer!