Have you ever had so many things to do in one day that you totally forgot about some of them? Well icon 7this has happened to me on many occasions. I felt that I was doomed and that I would never be able to keep up with the superstars that I work with until I came across the new app Tasker To-Do List developed by Vista AG. You can watch the demo video to really see what I am talking about!

Part of the reason why I hadn’t ever really found a to-do list that is right for me is because it’s very hard to find a to-do list that matches my style. However,¬†when I tried¬†Tasker I noticed how sharp and good-looking the mobile to-do list manager actually was. What really blew me away was the fact that It is a highly customizable app that supports all of your iOS devices with no registration required. Tasker allows users to customize their tasks categories, tag, colors and context for easy searching and reminding.

I am so happy that I started using Tasker To-Do List because it has had a lasting impact on how I go about my daily activities. My friends, family, and colleagues at work can see a huge difference in my work performance and they have made positive comments about it. I would strongly suggest this organizational app for absolutely anyone who wishes to be more productive and make positive contributions to there lives.

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Come try out this new app today on the Apple App Store and let us know what your thoughts!