PIN Genie Vault

If you’re like me, you probably worry about sharing sensitive information via email or text. It’s always scary to think about private information or personal data ending up in wrongful hands. It almost seems that nothing is truly secure anymore in this highly technological world we live in, but there’s finally an app to tackle cybersecurity issues head on. PIN Genie Vault, an innovative security app, is now available for download in the App Store!

This all-in-one app encrypts private files and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. At the touch of a button, your photos, videos, contacts, and notes (amongst other files) will automatically become more secure. PIN Genie Vault uses the world renowned AES 256 encryption algorithm, which is utilized by the U.S. government, to ensure that your files are kept secure. It’s easy to feel like your privacy is being protected when the same algorithm is used to protect an entire nation!

My favorite function that the app supports is its end-user encryption. This capability ensures safe sharing with other people through trusted third party service providers. When you share your file with someone else, PIN Genie Vault will encrypt it. The file will only become available to the recipient once they enter the four digit PIN that you have designed specifically for the file. You can rest assured that your files will only be viewed by the right person with this incredible function.

On the topic of PINs, PIN Genie Vault’s patented technology allows you to even create a decoy passcode to prevent intruders from cracking the code to your private information. And get this: if entering PINs isn’t your thing, you can also use Apple’s Touch ID to access your files.

While this revolutionary app boasts impeccable functions, there is one drawback. PIN Genie Vault can only review files on Apple Watches. With full encryption capabilities available for iPhones and iPads, it would be nice to be able encrypt on Apple Watches, too. I’m sure future app updates will resolve this issue, though, and certainly this drawback is not enough to deter me from using this app in my daily life.

Download PIN Genie Locker for free in the App Store and let us know what your favorite function is!