Start a Productive Day With MeisterTaskDo You have thousands of tasks and cannot figure out a priority? Are you always messing up and missing your deadline? With the help of MeisterTask, you and your team can easily manage your tasks and simply work together!

We are proud to introduce you to MeisterTask, one of the most intuitive project and task management tools which has just launched its app in App Store. The app is free for iPhone, iPad and iWatch, and lets you create projects, discuss them with team members, and stay up to date and productive even on the go.

MeisterTask’s dashboard is beautiful and easy to use. It’s a place where work can be fun. MeisterTask’s flexible project boards adapt to your workflow. Whatever you do is saved in the task’s activity stream for easy traceability.

Don’t know what to focus for the day? With the help of MeisterTask, you can also check what’s been done in your projects while you were away as well as get a quick overview of your open tasks. You can make your decision easily, and don’t need to worry about missing any deadlines anymore!

Start a Productive Day With MeisterTask    Start a Productive Day With MeisterTask


With MeisterTask’ powerful collaboration features and flexibility, you and your team can manage projects of all types and sizes. After you create a project in MeisterTask, all you need to do is add as many team members as you want, assign tasks and then easily follow each other’s progress.

Start a Productive Day With MeisterTask      Start a Productive Day With MeisterTask

Have some one working remotely? No worries! Your team can upload files, set up deadlines and add checklist items. MeisterTask also provides a chatting box where you can discuss all the details of the job and make sure everyone is always on the same page.

MeisterTask is more than a simple task management tool: it’s integrated with some of useful tools, such as Zendesk and the online mind-mapping app MindMeister. It’s also a place you can store all your project related information safely such as Dropbox, Google Drives.  By connecting MeisterTask with these cloud storage services, you can manage all your files seamlessly.

Download this new app and start a productive day with MeisterTask!