If you love the graphics of Final Fantasy, you'll love this guy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.47.39 PMGalaxy Fighters: Age of Defeat Free is a retro space game with insane graphics: purple flashing spaceships, robot defenders, and fleets of comet destroyers. Instead of choosing when to shoot, your aircraft lets loose a barrage of constant firepower. Your job is to protect the ship by moving it, especially when danger comes too close to aircraft’s core.

Shields and support items are available to minimize your damage. As you play, bigger and badder ships come your way. The soundtrack is full of dynamo, and there are very few ads to contend with. The story goes that an alien fleet approached planet Earth, causing so much conflict that the President launched advanced military machinery to end the wars. There are tons of diverse planes to upgrade to, include the pulverizing forces of the Tech F-11, BH-3, and android-spaceship hybrids like Technotron.

space war game                     space-war-game

The icon and screenshots were the first signal of a high quality game app, as they stood out among other rocket games in the iOS App Store. This is evidently a project that was developed overseas, stewed in development for hundreds of hours, then brought to the US for sale. Once gameplay began, I was struck by the amazing quality of the graphics and the light show that comes with it. It could be a Final Fantasy spin-off if they moved the franchise to the realm of space battles, and that’s saying a lot. Though it can be disorienting at times, the amount of action that happens all at once is enough to keep the game exciting at all times.

Galaxy Fighters: Age of Defeat Free is now available for the iOS App Store. You guessed it: it’s free, until you decide to upgrade to bigger and better ships.