Technology is trying to make everything smarter and better, and smart phones have been changing how we live our everyday lives since they were introduced only a few years back. With phones leading the way, gadgets and devices are slowly changing how we live. Everyday appliances like TVs, fridges, lighting, thermostat, and doors are all going digital. Up until now, devices and appliances were only able to work with their own built-in technology. They could turn on and off at a specified time, or adjust temperatures and brightness based on their built in sensors. But what makes them truly smart nowadays is their ability to connect with the Internet and with other devices around them. This connection gives these appliances a whole new level of capabilities, and that is the ability for you to remotely control them. LockOnDoor_HandComp.R4.1-F

You can have smart technologies in your house, all you need is one device to rule them all. Being the smartest of them all, the phone is your universal remote to command all of your devices. With the most recent Near Field Communications(NFC) technology, your smart phone is going to be so much more than a phone. It can be used as your wallet, your key, and your universal remote control. Remember back when using your phone as a music player was a big deal? Technology has certainly come a long way, and smart homes are your next big thing. With just a tap from your phone onto your new door lock, the NFC chip within your phone can function as a key to open your door. The same chip can even let you pay for your coffee at Starbucks by using the Apple Pay app or the Google Wallet app. We are stepping into a whole new age where all you need to carry with you is your phone. apple-pay-e1414504064841-1940x1090

Your current home only needs a few easy upgrades for it to be a smart home, A few devices and appliances are all you need to upgrade your home. You might be thinking “yeah, but smart appliances cost a fortune” Some are of course very expensive, for example some smart TVs, that can talk to you and can be controlled by your phone, can cost more than $2000. But other devices as simple as the Philips Hue light-bulbs that are only around $200 can be controlled to change the tone, indexcontrast and color of light in your house. Getting a new thermostat like the one made by Nest or Honeywell, are both less than $200. With a digital thermostat, you can now control temperature at the palm of your hands. You can also monitor your home security systems through other new smart-technology enabled security devices, and see if you really left that back door or window open when you left home. With just a few of these upgrades, any home can become a smart home. I believe this is where the future is heading, and if you agree, lets us know about your view in the comments. Be an early adopter and go try out these new technologies now.