Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.10.36 AMTower defense games are some of the most popular games in app stores today. If you wish to show off how strategic you can be, you should try out “Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy,” it’s a new game app developed by Bohemia Touch.

The background of Shire Defense is set in the middle-earth of an intense war. So here’s some enemies you can expect to face off against in the game such as evil wizard, hobbit ogres, warriors and many more. Shire Defense is an action game where your primary job is to protect your kingdom from being attacked. There are different levels of this game, so as the game progresses you’re enemies will not only increase but also become more versatile, that’s when you should plan accordingly in order to defend your kingdom. You should set up weapons like fireballs, poison clouds, metal bees and many more to knock down the invaders. The more enemies you kill the more coins you get, this means you can also upgrade your defenders and weapons to be more powerful.

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The game offers 25 maps and there are 5 battlefields with different environments and climates, including forest, mountains, towns and more. The game also provides you with 3 levels of difficulty, so if you’re new with defense games all you need to do is just chose the easy mode to practice and build up your own strategy. To keep in mind that different attackers require different defenders, you must also understand that you need to place your defenders strategically. This game requires you to act fast and make smart decisions.

Overall, the game is put together pretty well. You will find yourself coming up with different strategies constantly.  Shire Defense is now available on the Apple App Store, download today and challenge yourself. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!