Want a science game app to rock your world? Atoms GO is a fast-paced, exciting multiplayer strategy game for iOS devices. The goal is to compete against friends or built-in enemies to assemble your colored atoms on the grid. If too many are placed together, then BOOM! Your chances of winning are destroyed.

The player must strategically balance costs and benefits to trigger controlled overloads and reactions, so that enemy territory can be captured and turned into your own. Protect your Atoms from counter attacks to avoid losing the board. The game app can be played with friends, or if you don’t have any, try your hand against four levels of artificially intelligent opponents. Call them CPU Evil.

science game app                           science game app

The space-age soundtrack sets a nice, hollowed-out ambiance. The graphics are nothing special, and are on par with many other games in the market. The gameplay isn’t very well-explained, nor do we ever see a tutorial for how to play—at least, before you download the app. But it is certifiably fascinating, and evidently, requires much more than just quick reflexes. Rules and patterns become easier to understand the more you play, so keep at it. You’ll find yourself being entertained for hours.

Atoms GO is now available in the iOS App Store for free download. Let us know what you think, here.