Comet Clash is an exciting new game app reminiscent of classics like Asteroids, Missile Command, and Angry Birds. You play the role of a space commander in a station orbiting Earth, which is being bombarded by incoming comets. Your mission? Destroy the comets to save our planet’s population.

As the levels increase, an increasingly larger wave of comets need to be destroyed, which makes it more difficult to save Earth from disaster.  To master the game, you have to make decisions about when to use your missiles, so that you can maximize how many people you save. Gameplay requires strategy and resource-planning, as there are only a few missiles and many comets to contend with.



The strategy required for this game makes it challenging and worthwhile to play. As an avid game player, you naturally want to save everyone. This isn’t the case in Comet Crash: you have to allocate your missiles so that they can do as much damage to the comets as possible, while saving the most people—not necessarily all of them. The graphics are great, the music is engaging and dramatic, and I really love the icon, which is detailed enough to show aspects of gameplay, but has certain dynamo to it at well. Pew pew.

The population of Earth needs your help! Let us know what you think of Comet Clash, here.