Robot Clash Run

What would you do if the world was taken over by robots and drones? Would you hide away and hope for the best, or would you immediately rush to action to defend the world? If you chose the latter, it’s time for you to download Robot Clash Run. This addictive gaming app is now available for download in the App Store.

This high-intensity game puts you- yes, you- in charge of defending planet Earth from a technological takeover. You are able to run and jump in order to avoid these evil bots, and when your feet get tired, just strap on a jetpack to attack the drones from up above! Robot Clash Run allows your to kick robots until they are writhing in pain, and also lets you fire off hot dog missiles to lead you to victory.

My favorite part of the app is its vivid, colorful design. You feel like you are actually in the middle of this cartoony, fantasy world thanks to its pixel perfect animations and entertaining audio. As someone who doesn’t like turning my volume on while playing games, I crank it for Robot Clash Run to hear the sweet sound of defeat coming from the bots and drones post-attack. Another fun function of this top notch game is the special powers feature. You are able to gain unique capabilities that help you further advance in your quest to conquer the evil clan. These powers come in handy, especially when a hidden spy bot pops out at you!

There’s no doubt that Robot Clash Run is an incredible game, but one thing I would like to see is the addition of more worlds to defend. The most recent update provides you with two new worlds (Asian Town and Military Base), but it would be neat to see more places incorporated. Ultimately, this game is a must try for all action gamers- and for those preparing for a robotic apocalypse!

Download Robot Clash Run in the App Store and let us know which word is your favorite to defend!