Locate, Battle, and Catch Pokemon in The Real World

Capturing the imagination of a whole generation of millennials, Pokemon is probably the most successful franchise on the planet. Every kid born after the 90s is considered part of the Pokemon generation as they have probably experienced the Pokemon franchise in one way or the other, whether that is the TV show, the trading cards, the Nintendo games, or its many other types of products. For many years, Pokemon had refused to create games for other gaming or electronic platforms other than on its own Nintendo devices, up until now. That is why Pokemon Go is so special, and why the public is so unreasonably excited about this new App. We know almost nothing about this app, but we know this much — It is nothing like we ever seen before.

What is Pokemon Go?

So far all we know is that Pokemon Go is a new game app for both Android and iPhone. It is being developed by The Pokemon Company and Niantic, a company known for its earlier augmented-reality mobile game, Ingress. Although it is a mobile app, you actually play it in the real world through augmented reality. The aim of the game is to locate, battle, and catch Pokemon in the real world as if you are in the Pokemon universe. As a Pokemon trainer, you can also trade and battle Pokemon by connecting with other nearby Pokemon Go players.

For now, much of its details is still undisclosed, and we have nothing but the short trailer video to supply our imagination of what this app will actually be like. Despite that, the netizens have exploded with joy and overreaction all over Facebook and Reddit. All we know for now is that it will be launched in 2016, so for more news about any future releases and information, please follow our PreApps blog.