pendillyDo you want to experience a new and funny way to communicate? What about sending a surprising message to a lucky recipient at a specific time in the future? Try Pendilly! This new iPhone app lets you send texts, pictures, and videos to a lucky recipient at a time in the future. Use time and tags to share beautiful emotions with your friends.

I just created a message with a funny selfie with Pendilly. It’s quit easy. You can simply type a message, take a photo, or capture a video to send to your special one. If you like a photo or video you took previously, you can also upload it to Pendilly from your camera roll.

Pendilly: A Social App to Send Messages in the Future Pendilly: A Social App to Send Messages in the Future       Pendilly: A Social App to Send Messages in the Future


The next thing you need to do is choose a specific time in the future to deliver it. Delivery times can range from a minimum of one hour, up to a maximum delay of one month. The next step, adding tags, is optional, but I highly recommend you do so because it adds to the mystery and enjoyment. This is also my favorite part of this app. Pendilly offers you two types of tags, “Why” and “How-to” tags. Before the delivery date, the recipient can only see the Why tags, which are tricky hints of the up-coming message. Try your best to be creative and raise the curiosity of the recipient. These awesome tags can enhance your messaging experience a lot.

Now, a funny Pendilly message is ready. Send it directly to the recipient. The recipient will then receive a notification letting them know a Pendilly message is on the way, but doesn’t tell them who sent it, what type of content it contains, or when it will arrive. Can’t wait to see the recipient’s reaction when he or she reads the surprising message!

Though I do hope that eventually everyone in the world can try this funny social app, the beta test is only available in the US and France. If you are an iPhone user running on iOS8 in these two countries, join us and get in on the fun of Pendilly before it goes public. Have fun!