I’m not a big fan of being late, I always try to leave the house long before the scheduled meeting time.¬†However, there is one exception, I often find myself arriving late for parties, especially clubbing. The reason for that is actually quite simple: arriving early at a party is always awkward, and I’m not an expert with handling that kind of social awkwardness. With that said, I basically just arrive late when the party itself is loud enough so that I don’t have to engage in any conversations. However, finding the right timing to arrive will forever be the hardest part for me.

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When I discovered this new social networking app Peek-In, my¬†first thought was that the app actually understands people’s struggles. With Peek-in you can easily browse real-time posting of pictures, videos of different venues, and see how people rate the party. This feature is great for people who haven’t planned ahead but wanted to go clubbing on a Friday night. The live report could help you avoid the chance of standing in line for hours and also might be able to help avoid terrible music from amateur DJ’s. The app lets you make new friends more easily and it allows you to interact with your fellow ‘peeker’ by way of sending messages like “May I Buy You A Drink?” or “May I Have The Next Dance?” and other custom messages. This seems like a polite way to approach people if you’re shy or afraid of being rejected in person.

Besides all the fresh features, the app itself is also put together pretty well. The interface is easy to understand and the design is fashionable. The App is currently at the beta testing process and will be launched in late November. I’m looking forward to its release and excited to see how this could enhance people’s nightlife experience.