1436550142-cd006d31-a9f6Next time you decide to go out on a Friday night, you’ll be prepared for the night and the next morning! Tipsy Time is the complete drinking app that shows you a better way to party and recover.

This unique party app breaks down the party experience into four stages:


  1. Pre-Party
  2. Party Time
  3. Post Party
  4. Better Drinking Experience


Do you have trouble finding a great bar? Are you getting a little bit bored with the traditional drinking games? Tipsy Time can solve such problems for you. During the Pre-Party stage, Tipsy Time helps you find a bar or liquor store. The app also provides you with the latest drinking games and party drinks. Learn the most popular drinks for each type of liquor. During the Party Time stage, Tipsy Time looks out for your safety by keeping track of how many drinks you consume with a Blood Alcohol Calculator. It also determines your Drunk IQ, a feature that determines how drunk you are by asking a few basic questions.











Did you party a little too hard? Luckily this new app continues to assist you and prevent you from waking up and feeling nauseous on Saturday morning. Learn tips on how to avoid a hangover or how to deal with one. The Better Drinking Experience stage allows you to give feedback on the app and for businesses to update their information.

This party app seems much more detailed than most! I really like how it breaks down a typical party experience into simplified stages. Tipsy Time will soon be available on both iPhones and Androids. Learn more and sign up to beta test Tipsy Time here. Comment and let me know how much your party experience has improved!