Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.56.16 AMEvery football fan have had to miss one or two of their favorite team’s game because they are not allowed to leave the office or are bothered by other occasions. And the idea of watching sports after the fact is not appealing. Don’t feel bad anymore. OnPoint is here to offer you real-time football data and historical sports data to your Android devices

OnPoint saves you the time for googling all the football data you need from various sources by offering over 1000 different statistic and data points per sport in one app while other sports apps only offer 10-20 data in each sport. Which means you’ll have important information related to your interested team and players. Moreover, the subscribe feature also gives you push notification within 3-5 seconds of the event taking place in real-time, that’a promise from OnPoint since they claim that they provide the fastest speed upon the competitive sport stat apps. There are also game highlights in case you missed an important moment. While other sports apps are more like a copy of their website, OnPoint stands out by its simple design. The interface is easy to understand and they provide step-to-step tutorials to teach use access their data. My favorite part of the app is how they managed to organize this huge amount of data with its UI design. In addition to all this, the app is also rich in content and have articles featuring new players and new weekly league leaders. This app is not only perfect for sport enthusiastic, but also for fantasy players and casual fans.

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However, for iPhone users, you might need to be patient and wait for OnPoint team to make an iOS version. Download OnPoint on Google Play today and let us know what you think about