iconOneHive is the new productivity app that does all the organizing for every busy bee. Whether it be creating a checklist, sharing your work items or tracking your everyday work, OneHive does it all for free! It is the new innovative app that makes lives easier for you and your team.

OneHive’s simple layout makes the new app a powerful task organizer. Not only does the app allows you to assign items to other users, but also interact with others through the advanced features such as tracking each team member’s progress, setting notifications and using templates. The extra feature that allows you to create and copy templates eases and expedites the process of creating checklists.

onehivescThis all-in-one app makes completing and organizing tasks simple. It allows users to effectively track each task without the hassle of switching from app to app. Integrated with Dropbox, attaching files to each checklist item is easy as pie. Other than assigning tasks and tracking progress, users can also assign Reviewers to revise work done by teammates and ensure that the work objectives and quality standards are met. With real-time tracking, the status of each active checklist is constantly updated. If there are any changes, users will receive a real-time notification on the status of each task on the checklists.

Sign up for OneHive and create your first checklist now. Available on the App Store and Google Play, OneHive is free to install and download across all platforms making the app accessible anytime, anywhere on any devices. 

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