nomanis crew logoNomanis Crew is a challenging, addictive, and immensely adventure game, which brings back feelings of nostalgia for early games in the same genre such as Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

What differentiates this new game app is that the famous Twitch streamer, Nomanis, is now appearing as a video game character! In his latest adventure, which is an adaptation of Key and Shield, Nomanis has been set free from his cell by a somewhat lazy angel, who also slipped him the key to go and rescue the rest of his buddies, the Gorlicks. Nomanis was bestowed with incredible powers that allow him to glide and explore the land. You must help him in his quest to free his friends and such a task is by no means an easy one!

nomanis crew 1   nomains crew2

nomanis crew 3   nomanis crew 4

Nomanis Crew brings a wealth of new features and character behaviors compared to its predecessors. The gameplay feels polished and smooth, the difficulty level feels like it progresses naturally from one level to the next, and for a game that’s meant to be played on a relatively small screen, it has some seriously impressive and gorgeous graphics.

The app is accessible to people of all ages and is available now on Google Play. Go ahead, try it out and amuse yourself. It might just make your day, as it did mine!