The 2016 Presidential Race is ramping up, and the digital clamor surrounding has reached a fever pitch. Digesting all of the intrigue, drama, and data surrounding it is nearly impossible, but can be made easier with these new utility apps that help you follow the action.



Brigadebrigade, new utility apps

Brigade is a new social network, dedicated to those who can’t discuss politics enough. You can vote on topics, give your own opinion, and see what others have to say aboutsuch as health care and gun control, and see where the community lies on the issue.



brigade, political app, presidential race



Transcript of the US Constitutionconstitution

This app is simply the full text of the US constitution, displayed in a minimalist and easy to read way. Candidates are always making claims about the Constitution, and this is a handy way of seeing if what they say holds up.


us constitution, ios app, political app, 2016 race


Politomix gathers a bunch of political news sources and consolidates them into one stream. Instead of visiting many different sites, you can see them all using this app.


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270toWin is for people like me who are completely confused as to how the electoral college works. It is an app available exclusively for iPads. It explains what the electoral college is, and also allows users to make predictions about the election.


electoral votes, ipad app, ios store, presidential debate, donald trump


Meerkat is not strictly a political app, but it is a social network that politicians have been using recently to interact with their fans. The app allows users to live-stream from their phone, and push notifications of the stream to Twitter and Facebook users.


meerkat, live streaming app, political debate,


Polls can tell you which candidate is gaining traction, and which ones are falling out. FrontRunner is a new utility app for iphone which gathers polls statistics, and lets you customize which candidates you wish to follow.


frontrunner, polls, candidates

Rand Paul 2016rand paul

Like many of the candidates in this race, Rand Paul has his own app. It lets you follow his tweets and media appearances, and also make memes of him if you want.

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