Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max QuizHave you ever dreamed of competing on the stage of a game show? Lights, camera, action! You are challenging your brain, proving your trivia knowledge, and becoming famous internationally. Now, you can realize your dream easily. The only thing you need is have your smartphone on hand and try this new trivia game app Max Quiz.

Max Quiz is coming this August and will be available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. This new game app provides you with six categories: Geek Culture, Bible, Movies & TV, Sports, Science and World, which tests your general knowledge of the world. Do you want to explore the limits of your trivia knowledge? Choose your favorite category and compete with thousands of people all over the world.

Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max Quiz   Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max Quiz  Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max Quiz

Max Quiz also features an addicting online tournament, where beginners have the opportunity to quickly lead their categories. The weekly and season scoreboards will stimulate you to play hard and keep competing. Prove your knowledge to the world. Win a rank as high as you can!

Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max Quiz

As a trivia game lover, this app is pretty cool to me. The awesome graphics makes me feel immersed in the game. With Max Quiz, you can customize your character. I have made my hair black and chosen a ponytail out of 15 hairstyles. I also got a pretty skirt for my character! For boys, you have 4 different beard shapes!

Prove Your Trivia Knowledge with Max Quiz

Are you ready to challenge your brain with Max Quiz? Cannot wait to join the competition? If you’re an Android user, you can try Joompers, a popular memory puzzle game app launched in January 2015, which was also developed by Maxlab Studios. Or an even better choice: sign up to beta test Max Quiz here. It doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone/iPad or Android user! Show me your character and let me know what your score and rank is!