It’s hard to stand out when it comes to casino apps. There are so many online casinos that try to distinguish themselves that it’s hard to find the best. The Internet is filled with different types of Mac casino apps, Android casino apps, online casinos, and web based apps. In this article, we have decided to focus on and its web app. Here’s our app review on this exciting game!

Web App boasts over 100 web-based gaming apps that you don’t even have to download to play. Many online casinos have started offering web apps on mobile sites that can be used across all mobile operating systems. This is great, as it makes gameplay simpler and frees up space on your phone since you don’t need to download it. All you need is your mobile browser and the casinos web address.


There are plenty of games to keep you occupied on this web app, from slots to cards to table games, all of which are designed in 3D. is popular for Marvel-branded slots like Iron Man, Hulk, Daredevil, and Spiderman, which make this app fun. You can even play the games for free so that you can test them first.

As mentioned, no download is necessary, and the games run very well. This wasn’t initially the case when offered a native app. Back then, you had to download each game separately through the app. That is no longer the case. Now, all games are perfectly optimized for every screen size and type of device.

Although there is a vast selection of web app games, mobile play doesn’t compare to the desktop website, which offers a better gaming experience. One downside to is that their entire game library is not available to app users. While other money making sites give app users the same privileges as the website users, has not done the same. Another downside is the low variety of mobile table and card games, as the mobile app is more focused on slot games.


Playtech, one of the world’s leading companies in the online casino industry, has fantastically designed each game. The app interface is very elegant with an eye-popping black background. To get to the games, you just have to swipe through the menu, which is right there on the home page. Accessibility is a top priority for this app.

Navigating through the entire app is fairly intuitive. By clicking on the top left menu, you get all the features necessary like cashier, customer support, promotions department, FAQ, terms and conditions and pages with other rules that pertain to withdrawal policy and security. Even if you use the app on a lower performing mobile device, you still get a seamless experience. It is no wonder that this online casino company that has been in business for almost a decade!


Any gambler should definitely have in his arsenal. This app is easy to navigate and is supported by top providers. Read the desktop review of and compare it to the app version.

While this app isn’t as spectacular as its website, it offers a unique gaming experience without any bugs or issues. The app was made to be functional and to fulfill your needs; and it does just that.