Take Your First Step Towards Marathon with FirstRunDo you feel tired after walking just half a mile? Are you so not bikini ready? Start running now and take your first step towards your goals with FirstRun!

Last month, MobieFit launched FirstRun, a free new Android app perfect for getting that summer body. With FirstRun, you can set goals, get personal running coaches, monitor your progress and even share your running status with your friends.

A little out of shape? No worries! FirstRun provides proper coaches for runners at various levels. The app allows your to pick among various beginner workouts such as C25K or 10K running programs.

Take Your First Step Towards Marathon with FirstRun  Take Your First Step Towards Marathon with FirstRun  Take Your First Step Towards Marathon with FirstRun

As for a little motivating spirit while running, FirstRun has great audio features. You can listen to the audio voice of Gul Panag, an Indian Marathon training coach. Panag will guide you through your daily runs and walks, as if she was your personal trainer in the best fitness center. Of course usic is my go to motivation for workouts. FirstRun allows you to play your music without having to close the app. With FirstRun getting into shape has never been so easy.

FirstRun also includes a tracking function that lets you  access to your daily running distance, speed and analyze your progress and running status in real time. Additionally, FirstRun has an outstanding integration with social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. You can stimulate yourself by sharing your daily progress with your friends and competing with each other.

FirstRun takes everything into account. You can run outside or even on a treadmill indoors. The app has a unique treadmill mode where you can set a running speed guideline during your gym workout.

Stop hesitating and give FirstRun a try! Set running as a part of your daily calendar, and soon you’ll be in the best shape of your life.