Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.40.51 AMWho says learning can only take place in classrooms? Junior Coder is a new education app that introduces basic concepts of computer science to children age 7 and up. This new app makes programming fun with games and puzzles. Children can visually learn how to code and play at the same time. With Junior Coder, kids are able to develop computer programming skills such as algorithmic thinking and sequencing skills for free.


Junior Coder teaches programming in a unique way that children can understand. With different levels representing various aspects of computer science, kids have to pass a level before they move on to the next. After each game, they are rewarded with badges or medals. Once all levels are accomplished, they can create similar games and challenge their friends to play. For those who are truly interested in coding, in-app purchases can be made to unlock other levels. These additional levels teach more in-depth aspects of computer science skills such as Repetition and Looping, Pattern Recognition and Control Flow Using Conditional Logic.

Designed for kids, this new app is easy to use. A drag and drop interface and the visual approach to learning allows them to easily navigate through different tools, options and levels. Children can also keep track of their progress through the reward system that will keep your children motivated throughout the course.

Recently updated, Junior Coder is now available on the app store with How-To-Play demo videos included. Download Junior Coder now and start introducing your kids to the world of computer science.