hJvtHkGX_400x400 1NBA General Manager 2016” is a brand new app that has just been released and is quickly gaining in popularity with over 6 million downloads to date.

All NBA fans out there can now socialize and interact with each other by playing with and against each other over the innovative mobile app. The game suddenly comes to life with the availability of a point system that can value the players based on their actual strengths and weaknesses. The App has very good quality images and you can see the player’s faces and uniforms in vivid detail. They look similar to real life pictures of the players and do not by any means look or seem like fictional characters. This officially licensed NBA app allows you to actually manage your own dream team with all of your favorite and all-time greatest players.

However, there are some minor issues with the game that need to be resolved. The power-ups and enhancements feature of the game have a couple of minor bugs. The players sometimes don’t score very many points in the game, yet the feature “on fire” which tells the user whether or not the the player is scoring a lot of points sometimes indicates that a player is “on fire” when in reality the player hasn’t scored the appropriate amount of points to be at the “on fire” level. There is also a minor problem with the “energy recharge” option. In previous versions of the game you used to be able to fully recharge the energy of your player with only 25 coins. With the 2016 version of the game you now have to use 50 of your coins and it actually only gives you half of the energy for your player!

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Download today and let us know how you think!

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