icon_1441820059Trying to find the best places or services around but don’t know who to ask? Or do you know the newest hot spots around and want to share them with your friends? With myLike you can see the world through the eyes of your friends, and get the recommendations you can trust. MyLike serves as a personal assistant for searching, saving, organizing and sharing location-based information within the circles you trust. Users can share and recommend locations and services with those they care about. This way, people can choose the sources they trust and become inspired.

Bottom line, friends are the most reliable source of information when it comes to common interests. Just like how you know your friends, your friends know you, and will get you the best and most inspiring results. With myLike you can select the sources that generate the best results for you. “MyLikes” contains everything a user has stored themselves, while “myFriends” has all the likes from your friends of course. Also, “myGroups” contains people who share the same interests as you, and “Locals” allows users to listen to people who really know a particular area.


MyLike is an intuitive and natural way to discover not just the best places, but experiences as well. It goes far beyond just bars and restaurants, but to scenery, activities, places to stay, etc. This allows users to not just be inspired but surprised as well.

MyLike also has a “taste match” feature that shows users people who share the same preferences. This makes it easy to focus on those recommendations, that are relevant for you.


With myLike people can also set their privacy in which they decide who can see their saved myLikes: only you, your friends, your groups or the whole world.

Save, organize, and share your myLikes now, and check out the app on PreAppsFor more information on myLike you can visit their webpage or follow them on Twitter at @myLike_app.