my-android-is-running-slowI own an iPhone but I can admit the fact that Androids can flat out do more than the iPhone but it comes with a catch. The Android is like a PC because it continuously needs to be checked up on such as the RAM, ROM and your SD Card. You can even add a mouse to your phone and use it like a desktop. These features make the Android one awesome hand held device.

So the question becomes “What apps are slowing down my phone?”: There are a few ideas that slow down your Android phone.


If you go to Enable developer opting by going to “Settings” then “About Phone” and then Tap on “BuildNumber” this will create  prompt once the build number has been enabled.



Then go to settings and developer options to see your process states. These stats show you what apps are using the most RAM for example your Google Play could be using a ton of RAM, whereas your Snapchat could be using none.



These details are important in maintaining your phone’s life and hard drive. Random Access Memory helps with how fast your phone is. By helping control how much RAM is used, you can actually speed up your phone so that everything is faster including downloads, internet and more.

My Android is not longer running slow and now it is fast