icon_1441149662Meeting new people should be fun, quick and easy. Similar to Tinder, Meetsome is one of the new social networking apps that has made that even more possible, and it is made for everyone. Meetsome’s “Like or Pass” feature is like Tinder in the sense that you can browse through other Meetsomers and simply like (match) or pass. However with Meetsome, the match compatibility isn’t randomized like Tinder, but based on interests, preferences and other items allowing you to connect with the more ideal people. Also, instead of just looking at a person’s profile and pictures within the app itself, Meetsome allows you to view their Instagrams at your leisure making it easier to swipe and match, or move on. Once you have a match or a few for that matter, Meetsome notifies you of not just your one-on-one pairings like Tinder, but group matches as well. This feature allows you to make new friends and new groups of friends as well.



After you’ve been notified of your matches and groups, with Meetsome you have the option to chat with your new friends through the app. The difference here is that Meetsome allows you to chat anonymously if you’d like. Within pairs and groups, Meetsome lets you share everything from pictures, to videos, audio and more.

That’s not all. This is where Meetsome really separates itself from other “meet people” apps – With Meetsome you can create events for yourself and others to join. The app lets you see your new friends pinpoint locations, so you know the best spots to meet or coordinate events. With this, you can not only meet up and make new friends, but start running clubs, form a flash mob, arrange a pick-up basketball game, etc. Anything you want.

0_sshots_1441149662Start meeting some new people and make new friends, and sign up for a limited Beta now. For more information on Meetsome you can check out their webpage, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.