icon_1435869191Do you have ambitious life goals? Well pandas do too! Help a panda finish his training on an obstacle course to fulfill his destiny and become the Master Panda!


Master Panda is a unique and original new game app for iOS devices. This game will certainly push your skills to the limit! Jump your way through the platforms to avoid dangerous spikes, slithering snakes, and other intimidating obstacles. Be quick and stay focused as you prepare to conquer a nearly impossible challenge. Master Panda requires timing and some serious skills!

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The goal is to run and jump as fast as you can without stumbling. To earn extra points, get the power-ups for a temporary Rage mode! In Rage mode you can shoot ninja stars and try to destroy all the objects that are in your way. I found that this casual game becomes addictive quickly! I also like how there are options to share your scores on social media and earn achievements.

Find out if you have what it takes to turn a regular panda into a master panda! Beta test Master Panda here and let me know if you can avoid all the obstacles.