Remember playing Pokemon and having to cross through frustrating gym mazes? Eyes of the Dungeons is an action adventure game that features puzzles exactly like that: 45 elemental mazes that feature ice, fire, earth, electricity, and more.

The main character looks remarkably like Zelda, while the gameplay has the RPG qualities of a Gameboy game. The elements vary per level, and you can only pass if you reach the exit on the other side of the room. This requires a bit of finagling on your part, with switches, boulders, and tricky patches of ice that send you in different directions. Each chapter features a boss battle at the end. They drop weapons as they try to destroy you, so you have to be quick to pick them up to cause maximal damage. The new game app is totally free to play, with no in-app purchases to make you worry about how much better you could be doing. (No more, “If only I had spent $5 on stupid boosters.”)


Basically, you travel from room to room and solve puzzles, until you defeat a boss and repeat the process. The gameplay is simple enough, but challenging at the same time. It takes a good amount of strategy to pass through each room. If you were a die-hard Pokemon fan, think of the ice gyms or the electric gyms, with those infuriating dead-ends. I could easily see Eyes of the Dungeons causing that same kind of agony, but in the best kind of way—an addictive puzzler that will keep you coming back for more.


You can find Eyes of the Dungeons in the Windows Phone Apps and Games Store. Let us know what you think, here.