Between Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the recent phone security drama, it has become blatantly obvious that the safety of our mobile devices has reached a critical point. We are at the precipice of complete privacy while simultaneously flirting with the dangers of utter transparency in all technological endeavors. Enter: IObt Applock. Let’s be real, the NSA has no interest in the 3,673 photos of my dog or your tremendous Pokemon Go collection. However, this does not mean that we should not retain our privacy from peers and authorities alike. While I agree the government’s ability to infiltrate hostile devices is paramount to national security, I’m fairly confident Uncle Sam isn’t tuned in to my Snap Stories. For these reasons, developers at Eunice Hu have introduced one of the most shrouded security apps to date in IObit Applock.

While most protection apps are nothing more than a reskinned version of past Pin technologies, IObit delves deep into your phone, enabling you to safeguard anything and everything that you desire. For example, the service allows you to lock everything from apps, to photos, and even so far as your phone’s most basic settings like wifi, contacts, bluetooth, and more. This is incredibly handy when your mobile is often used by others at work, home, or by friends. For the most part, if we permit them to use our phone, we generally trust that they won’t go rifling through sensitive information; however, what’s the harm being cautious? Now, with IObit Applock, you can insert friendly and harmless photos on top of private images and app icons – a must have for parents who don’t want their children snooping around his/her phone when they should be playing Angry Birds.

Now you may be asking “how is this security app any different from the others on the market?” Well, after several days of use, I can confidently claim that this is the most meticulously designed product of its kind. The developers at Eunice Hu have thought of everything. To elaborate, they came up with features that had never even crossed my mind such as the Intruder Selfie and the One Time Password. I found out about the former yesterday when my brother was trying to unlock my tablet and after several failed attempts, my device snapped a photo of him and immediately emailed it to me. I thought, “wow that is a stroke of genius, now I can smack him and not feel bad about it!” Additionally, the One Time Password is almost exactly as it sounds, an option which allows you to set temporary passwords for special occasions at intervals of your choice. All in all, IObit Applock is a state of the art security app that flawlessly safeguards your phone and everything within it.

Download IObit Applock today on the Google Play Store for free

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