Keeps Each and Every App Secure With A Customized Level Of Security

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.48.52 amIf you have tons of secrets on your phone, or just tons of people going through your phone, maybe it is a good idea to keep your phone locked. If you are using the iPhone, it already comes with a set of highly capable security functions. That includes, the fingerprint scanner and the password locking function. If you have upgraded to the recent iOS 9, you have a security upgrade by having a 2 factor authentication process and a 6 digit passcode. But if that is still not enough for you, then you should download a security app like the Leo Privacy Guard.

screen322x572The Leo Privacy Guard app is a convenient yet safe way to lock your phone and keep your information safe. Much like how your phone is locked with biometrics and passwords, Leo Privacy Guard can do the same, but for specific apps in your phone. If there is any information contained within specific apps, it is best that you add another layer of lock onto it with the Leo Privacy Guard. There is also a private album and camera in the app, so you can make sure those photos and videos within the specific album would never be seen. On top of that, there is also a safebox within the app that lets you store all of your personal information. Now, with the new upgrade, you can even unlock apps with your iWatch! There is a device monitor that lets you see your data usage, and battery condition. It is a powerful privacy app that is easy to use and be customized to keep each app safe in its own way.

screen322x572Personally I use the Leo Privacy Guard to keep all my messaging apps away from snoopers. It works with the Facebook messenger app, Whatsapp, and any messaging and email app you use. If your E-mail and messages contain very classified information, I highly recommend this app for you. I personally don’t like locking the whole phone as I think it is very inconvenient as it hinders you from accessing certain apps when you need it immediately. Especially when you are using the fingerprint lock, as it could fail you multiple times before you can actually unlock your phone. I want to lock only specific apps and that is where the Leo Privacy Guard works best. Most importantly, it does what I want it to do in a very easy to use manner. For an app you use constantly everyday, ease of use matters a lot. Overall, I highly recommend this app to those who have sensitive information on their messages and want a little bit more customized privacy. Let us know what you like or don’t like about this new app by commenting below! Check this app out on the App Store and Google Play!itunes-app-store-logogoogle-play