unnamedMy little nephew is only 6 years old and is already an addicted user of internet. My cousin is really worried about her online safety. If you are a parent, you might also share the same worry with my cousin. Kidzworld is kids social network aims to solve this problem.

Social networking is great. It is where we meet friends, keep connection and find the latest news. But not everything is good on social networks. You might always worry that your kids might be exposed to bad information. Rather than stopping them from using social networks, you can download Kidzworld for them! Kidzworld welcomes kids to a safe and fully moderate social network environment.

Here on the new iPhone app Kidzworld, kids and teenagers can meet new friends in forums, chat with them, and follow the trends of their favorite celebrities and events. Kids can join various chatting groups, meet and chat with new friends who share the same hobbies with them. What if they cannot find one interesting? They can also start their own groups.

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Do you sometimes find the information overloaded on major social platforms? Have you ever missed the important messages there? On Kidzworld, which is especially designed for kids, this will never happen. The Articles section is really resourceful. I can always find great movie reviews and sports news here, and get great topic I can share with my friends. The health and life tips are also very helpful to make my lifestyle healthier. There is even a school section, which provides all the help as such homework help and book advice.

Kidzworld is not only a social network. In the most updated version, the developer team added a lot of new quizzes and games. This is my favorite feature of this app. You can either play the cool arcade games or take quizzes in different topics when you want to take a short break in your studies. Are you a big Taylor Swift fan? You can test your Taylor Swift IQ in Kidzworld!

But as a new social app, Kidzworld still needs time to growing. It will be much more fun to use it when the user number is growing. Also sometimes I find the pop-up advertisements a little bit annoying.

Kidzworld is free now on iOS App Store. Download and join this fun and safe kids social network now! Tell us what’s your favorite game, or share with us your experience meeting new friends.