icon_1438360906Arabian Heroes, a new game app will take you on a unique adventure!

Imagine living in a beautiful Arabic desert. Everyone is peaceful and happy until one unfortunate day, when suddenly the dynamic changes dramatically. A powerful earthquake opens up the dungeon of an evil sorcerer. The sorcerer then sends his corrupt crows out into the world to eat all of the human food and do any other bad deed possible. Luckily you can help the Arabian Heroes family save the world!


Help the family of four (Ahmed, Maryam, Amir, and Lulu) protect the world by using their unlimited supply of jelly to shoot the crows. Until you joined, the family has been bravely fighting the evil crows with the friendly, white crows. The white crows deliver coins and supplies to make the family stronger. However, the family still needs your help to conquer the sorcerer and his evil crows once and for all!


With a hundred unique levels, it’s hard to imagine ever being bored while playing Arabian Heroes. You can also unlock and travel to 10 exciting new worlds. Although easy and fun to play, the higher levels become much more challenging. To increase the amount of damage you cause to the evil crows, you can purchase upgrades. You can also collect puzzle pieces along the way.

p4l3oI personally love the colorful, high resolution graphics. I also like how you can see how well you are doing compared to others. With the leaderboard feature, you can try to beat your friends and other competitors!


Join the Arabian Heroes in their battle to save the planet from evil! Arabian Heroes is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.