When two or more people are doing completely different things with there lives and are balancing contradictingIcon 8 schedules it becomes hard to communicate. But what happens if you absolutely have to communicate but you also cannot alter your schedule? I found my answer to this problem with Insyda, an innovative new social networking app that helps to predict the perfect time to call each other.

Using Insyda on a daily basis brings up the famous question that everyone asks when they become so dependent on technology. What would I do without it? That’s right, its that good that I would not be able to continue on with my day knowing I do not have access to this new innovative app.¬†What makes Insyda special is that families and/or close friends can set up their current conditions such as activity, location, background noise level, ring volume and much more on their profile to give others an idea of whether or not they are free to talk.

This app is especially useful when I have just left my shift at work because my family knows when my shift is over and they tend to want to call and talk around that time. By us taking advantage of this app they can assess the noise level in the background when I am riding on the subway in the city and see whether or not they should wait or make the call. It’s an amazing app for sure!

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Come check out Insyda for yourself today on the Apple App Store or Google Play!