Have you had the same experience as me? When I’m playing game apps on my iPhone, I always bring up my Control accidentally if I need to tap the bottom of the screen to kill a zombie or cut a fruit. Then the games are suddenly paused!

Yes, Control Center is really helpful. With Control Center, you can quickly customize your iDevice’s settings, such as turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off, choose your modes including Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode, lock your screen orientation, play back and forward your music, adjust your volume levels, and use your iPhone as a flashlight.

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But such a great thing can also be annoying. It’s easily opened unexpectedly when you swipe up from bottom of the screen. To prevent Control Center popping up, just go to Settings -> Control Center -> toggle Access Within Apps off.

2015-07-30_1621     ow6dc

We all know that you can take a photo without unlocking your screen. You might also notice that you can get access to the Control Center when your screen is locked. To customize a little bit, you can decide whether or not to open Control Center from your lock screen. If you want to get access to Control Center’s features quickly and easily, just leave Access on Lock Screen on.

Customize Control Center according to your liking! Then you’ll never be interrupted when using your favorite apps!