1436215426-f797f1b7-ac62Do you have a problem with no clear solution in sight? No need to worry! With Insight – Stories and Tales you can find a story that relates to whatever decision you have to make. Read stories about characters who have gone through similar situations to gain perspective and figure out how to solve your own problem!

Insight has a unique retrieval system that finds a particular story for you based on whatever decision you have to make. Begin by selecting the category your problem is in, such as family, romance, or education. Then select your preferred story genre. With all of these customization options, I have no doubt that Insight will find a unique story for you!

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Crunched for time? Luckily Insight summarizes stories into manageable chunks that focus on the specific parts of the story that relate to your problem. Each story ranges from two to five minutes. The stories come from a variety of sources, such as the Bible and Greek Mythology. If you do not have a problem, you can still read the stories by using Insight’s Random Story Generator!

Put an end to your worries by checking out this new app today! Let me know what you think of Insight, which is now available for iPhones and Androids.