It’s no easy feat for virtual playing card games to genuinely capture the agelessly invigorating essence of holding those cool sheets of laminated paper and playing your favorite game. Much to the dismay of card manufacturers such as Bicycle and Ace, developers from GameDuell GmbH have done just that. It’s simple: download Grand Gin Rummy and you will be surrounded by thousands of passionate rummy enthusiasts who love nothing more than playing their favorite card game. This app is a superb rendition of a classic card game that makes you feel as if you have been transported back to the roaring 20’s. In this mobile app, you have the option of four different modes to compete against a diverse community of friendly players. I felt immediately welcomed among their ranks and had a hard time pulling myself away from the table!

One of the most beautiful things about Grand Gin Rummy is its ease of use. I ginshowed the app to my twelve year old cousin and he almost immediately picked up the game without needing my instruction. This is a kid who literally sits at his computer and watches MineCraft videos for 6 hours straight, yet he was instantly captivated by one of America’s classic past times. This is a clear indicator of how well constructed this app is and its overall marketability to all audiences. Whether it is impatient teenagers or nostalgic adults, Grand Gin Rummy is freakishly addicting and will keep you entertained for months. While the younger crowd may not recognize the game’s opulent design, the artists have masterfully provoked an ambient of the roaring 20’s, and succeeded in rendering an electric overall atmosphere. Although this is purely illustrated animation, I noticed that other online users bought into this illusion and contributed to the classy environment with old lingo and discussions of historical events from the period.

This may just be a personal preference, but I have always found card games to be more stimulating than tapping a screen to flap a bird’s wings. For a while, I simply did not play games on my mobile devices; however, when I found out about virtual card games…gamechanger. Gin rummy may not be the first card game to be beamed into your phone, but it definitely is the most intuitive to use on mobile devices. Other card games like Poker and Hearts can be difficult to negotiate in app form – Gin Rummy on the other hand is the perfect balance of challenging and simplicity.

You can find Grand Gin Rummy for free today on the iOS or Google Play app stores today!