Giddy Gem Crushers is the most creatively designed retro version of Candy Crush you’ll ever play. Here in the world of GiddyVille, the adorable creatures of the land will need help to take back their land. You are the hero in their world, you need to save the helpless babies of GiddyVille; simply by matching 3 gems in a row and knocking them out.

Giddy Gem Crushers is based in a unique story land villa surrounded by a farming community. In order to save the fluffy characters, you must excavate the gems that are buried in the depths of the land to increase your score and collection. GiddyVille is filled with colorful gems to excavate scattered over 4 different maps of the land. Get stuck on a level? Not a problem! Giddy Game Crushers are filled with supers that will give power ups and assistance in during the entire game.



With over 100 different levels, there is an endless amount of game play to keep anyone occupied. I could spend hours playing in the story mode of this new iOS app, and never get bored. The best feature about this new game app is that I am able to challenge my friends in arena mode. I can challenge them from all over the world, and face off against them to see who will prevail in the match-off.

Download Giddy Gem Crushers today for FREE in the iOS App Store or on Facebook and save the GiddyVille folks!