gaminator, casino, betting gameGaminator is a veritable fountain of chance-based games, slots and roulette for example, and will satisfy all of your gambling urges (without losing you real money). There are many, many games to choose from on it; you can get lost trying them all out. The games are beautifully designed, and feature some interesting game mechanics like different multipliers, currencies, and experience points. Now that you’re intrigued, Gaminator just announced that it’s being made into an app.


I tried out Gaminator Mobile, the app version of their website, and I was impressed! It’s a new game app that puts slot machines right on your phone. The interface was smooth and intuitive, and all of the games worked perfectly. Moving between the games took little time because of the fast loading, and the games looked pretty on my phone (Samsung Note 3). Gaminator Mobile is one of the best mobile adaptations of a website in an app I have seen.

Gaminator Mobile is available for free in the Google Play Store. I highly recommend it if you like casino apps, but don’t want to bother downloading more than one of them. This one has a plethora of slots that will let you parlay bets and rack up fortunes to your heart’s content.