The gambling industry investing in virtual reality apps for smartphones would not be surprising, given the recent success of games like Pokemon Go. However, it should be noted that many online gaming companies were making these sorts of investments long before Pokemon Go made its grand debut. Online gaming companies have always been ahead of the curve in many ways, and they more or less helped shape the ensuing VR craze as a result. Online gaming companies envisioned a world of nearly universal online gaming back in the 1990’s- back when the majority of people were still trying to understand how the Internet worked. In today’s world, where virtual reality is still a mystery to a lot of people, the gambling industry investing in VR Apps for smartphones is representing the new era of online mobile casino gambling.

The Vegas Palms Online Casino has a great deal to offer people when it comes to mobile and online casino gaming. There are more than 450 casino games available at the touch of a button. Given its membership to the Fortune Lounge, the Vegas Palms Online Casino is one of the most respected online casino gaming websites around. There are lots of bonuses available through gameplay, including a substantial welcome bonus of 200% and up to 100 euros. Of course, for many people, this casino’s most important feature is the Vegas Palms Mobile Casino app. Some people want to play their mobile casino games anywhere, while others would rather play in the comfort of their own homes. Some people can really only play them on their mobile devices, making it that much more important for them to be able to download the Vegas Palms mobile casino app. The mobile app players are the ones who are going to be the most excited about the gambling industry’s VR apps for smartphones. Pokemon Go has already helped make things much better for smartphone fans everywhere, giving them entirely new experiences and allowing them to really see what new technology is capable of doing. The gambling industry’s VR apps are going to do something similar, revolutionizing the mobile gaming experience for users worldwide.

While many video games such as Pokemon Go are geared towards a younger demographic (or peoples’ enduring Pokemon fandom), casino games have always been games geared towards adults. These new VR apps are going to create more opportunities for the adults who are interested in the latest technology available.