Text responses might not seem to satisfy you anymore, with that, Emoji has become the new language that dominates your messages and social media. 21st century messaging has evolved way beyond digital texting and has aggressively launched into the personalized video arena. FlyReel revolutionizes this video transfer messaging concept.

FlyReel is a new social networking app that operates a little bit like vine or Snapchat. However, with Snapchat you can only see a picture or video for a limited period of time and once that time has passed, it’s gone forever. With Vine, your video length is only allowed a maximum of six seconds, the restriction requires you to put more effort on editing and the time frame is just too short to show the whole story. The idea behind the FlyReel app is pretty straightforward – convert messaging into videos and allow friends to add on to it. It allows you to post videos with friends, and your friends can interact with you by replying with another video as a response. The app brings the benefit of messaging and social networking together into a single unified network. In Addition, FlyReel is a social video app that allows you to post privately and publicly to interact with people and receive video responses from them.

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The app’s interface is really simple and fairly easy to understand. What interests me about FlyReel is that you can explore other content by browsing categories and browse through the newest reels and most popular trending reels. It’s satisfying enough just to watch videos produced by random people and then reading the responses below. If you are planning to launch a new contest of air guitar to compete with your friends, you should defiantly give FlyReel a try.

FlyReel is now available in the Apple App Store. Download today and send us your feedback!