icon_1438080746There are so many excuses we use not to go out for a run. The most common ones are probably that we are too busy or the weather isn’t just right. Luckily a new app called WeatherPerfect solves both of these problems so that you can incorporate running into your busy life.

WeatherPerfect is a new health and fitness app designed to help you find the perfect time to run. This Android app analyzes the weather forecast and your calendar to help you schedule times to go running. WeatherPerfect automatically suggests the best times for you to go running. If you disagree with the suggestions, you can certainly pick a different time.


The feature I like most about WeatherPerfect is how personal it is. Although this app comes with some preset defaults, you can choose to adjust the settings however you prefer. You can input what times of day you enjoy running in the most, whether it be before work in the morning or after dinner.

You can also select your preferred running weather, and customize everything including the temperature, rain, and wind. If you prefer running when it is breezy and raining a little, WeatherPerfect can adjust to make that happen. Or if you prefer to run when it’s sunny and 75, that works too. After changing the settings, the app will update the suggested running times accordingly.

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After you have found the ideal time to go running, simply add it to your calendar on WeatherPerfect and find your favorite pair of sneakers. The scheduled run will also show up in your other calendar apps.

Thanks to WeatherPerfect, you can always find a time to go running, no matter how busy you are. Sign up to beta test this helpful new app now! For more information, visit WeatherPefect’s Website. I look forward to hearing about how you have incorporated running into your weekly schedule!