unnamedWith the new entertainment app InSlide Out, you’ll never have to worry about your social calendar being empty! This exciting new app provides you with a social network for attending events. Download it and find friends to go to the rock concert or baseball game with now!


InSlide Out brings your family and friends together to attend live events in cities around the world. Keep in touch with the people you care about, no matter where they live. Find tickets to concerts, sports, and more. You can split the cost of event tickets or transfer tickets right from the app.


Never miss when Beyonce or Carrie Underwood are coming to your city again! InSlide Out notifies you when your favorite singer or sports team is performing or playing in a city where you or a friend lives. Simply let the app know who your favorites are and start planning a get together with your friends or family.

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If you are unsure about what event you want to go to, InSlide Out has a recommendation system that will save your time by researching events for you. This helpful app finds events based on your interests and affiliations, so you’ll always be the first to know about what’s happening in your city.

I am truly impressed by the capabilities of this app. It is a tremendous time saver and makes connecting to attend live events with friends and family easy. Believe it or not, it’s free! There are also no in-app ads, which is always a plus!

InSlide Out is now available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Follow InSlide Out on Twitter @InSlideOut for the latest app updates. Let me know which live event you decide to attend!