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Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.04.54 pmHow much do you know about US Presidents? Well, if you are taking US history, chances are you probably have to remember quite a number of them. When I was taking AP US history in high school, I remember how tough it was writing pages and pages every week about events and presidents. Forcing myself to remember the facts before tests was one of the most painful things I had to do. Making notecards and study guides were time consuming, but they were the effective. I still remember the week of AP exams, when the stress had consumed me and I had to do my very best in the exam and not waste my year of effort of studying for it. I honestly don’t even remember the outcome of the exam, was it a 4 or a 5? However, I do remember those days, and I always wished I had a better tool to help me study. And now, I found out about Fact Mountain – US Presidents and I wished I had this tool during those tough days.


Fact Mountain – US Presidents lets players quickly learn the most common clues about U.S. Presidents. It functions as a quiz game mainly and you have to get answers right to climb the Fact Mountain. It is not especially entertaining to be honest, but it certainly helps you remember facts. Test your knowledge with the game function, or if you need to study more, use the study function and choose a President and study all of his clues. The studying is even ranked, from the hardest (50) to easiest (1). There are also hyperlinks within the study notes for you to get extra information on each president. Then there is a flash card function, with it you can test yourself and remember information better. Even the flash cards are ranked from hardest (50) to easiest (1), it adds a little competitiveness to just memorizing notes. The game itself is quite a stress relief and a great study guide, it helps you study in a fun manner and is effective in helping you remember facts.

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Fact Mountain apps let you learn the basics of a given subject quicker than any other study aid on the market today! The app is an excellent study aid for History Bee™, MS/HS/college courses and for standardized tests like AP™/CLEP™ exams. I highly recommend it for those who are still taking these courses, too bad I’m done with them already. Let us know what you think about the new game app in the comments. Download the app now in the App Store now!