Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.08.16 PMIf you are looking for something new and exciting in social media, you need to download the Eva app. It is a new social networking app that allows you to express your life through video. The standard newsfeed of updated statuses and posed pictures will be part of the past.

The concept of this app is simple, yet entertaining. Users download the app, create an account, record a memory, and that’s it. Individuals are able to record as long and as many videos as they would like. Once the video is recorded, it is automatically shared to their personalscreen322x572-1 feed and the public Eva feed. The public Eva feed serves as entertainment for family, friends, and strangers. There is an option to search by hash tags to find videos of interest. The interactive part of this app is that individuals are able to follow other users’ public accounts and friends so their videos will show up in the personalized feed.

Recently, a new privacy setting was added for those who are a little bit shy. It allows users to change their whole account from public to private. What this will do is keep their videos private to those who are not granted the access to follow. This privacy setting is beneficial to those who might not want to have their videos shared with the whole Eva network.

In general, this hot new app is beautifully and simplistically designed. The concept is fun, new and enticing to those looking for the next interesting thing in social media. One of its best features is that all videos are saved on the individuals account and are never automatically deleted. This is fun to be able to look back and easily re-watch the memories made.

You can find more information on their website (which is entertaining in itself) or on their Facebook and Twitter page. Download Eva for free in the App Store today to start video documenting your life. Let me know what you think!